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Monday, December 3, 2012

Word Bearers Heldrake Conversion

The new Chaos Space Marine Heldrake is(in my opinion) one of the worst looking figures GW has ever made. This said, it is also, one of the best fliers on the table. The Heldrake just doesn't seem to fit the CSM aesthetic. so lets see what we can do about that...

Being familiar with the forge world fliers, I decided this was the way I would go. The Hell Talon seemed to be easy to achieve with the parts available.

The Build

I used the main body almost as is from the box, also the down swept wing section fit into the design. Next I used the largest wing sections as the forward wings, Mounting the wing root against the hull, but not using the provided sockets. For the back wing section I used the third wings, it helps if you cut the ball part of the wing root flat. 

For the head I used the kit part but clipped the back off so it would fit under the hull front, and then i cut out most of the back jaw so it would fit over the new gun. The kit Heldrake provides you with a good ball socket on the old neck, so i cut it off and mounted a gun I had spare from the Stormraven kit(you could use the kit gun, but think its out of scale).

This is an easy conversion, and now I'm happy to add the Heldrake to my Word Bearers army.

As per usual any questions or comments are welcome, have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.


  1. The original model is just terrible. You've done well with what they've given you :) Though I think the look would really be brought better home if it were actually 'beside' a helltalon or hell blade on the table.

  2. I'll be doing a second one more along the lines of the hellblade. mote triangular.

  3. Yeah the original is garbage. Great conversion!

  4. Nice conversion! Looks more like a machine rather than a flying beast.

  5. I've just assembled my Heldrake using your method, although I haven't put the small wings on the back yet, going to paint them (and the wings they'd obscure) first since my brush skill isn't up to much.

    Can't wait to see your one painted.

  6. Thats really cool, i really shuld get around to it.

  7. Good idea!

    I would only change dragon head with for example front from helbrute (this chest) do it would look like mutated cocpit