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Saturday, March 30, 2013

X-wing - Millennium Falcon Redesign.

This weekends project is a Star wars X-wing, Millennium Falcon re-build and re-paint. Lets start with the redesign...

I always liked the Millennium falcon, but i never understood why the cockpit was on the side of the ship. As a kid this made no sense to me, you could never see what was on your left. so i decide to do a little redesign.

First i carefully cut off the cockpit section and trimmed it down. next i cut out the center ramp area of the ship. if you are careful you can save the pieces you cut out. Next i cut some stock plastic to cover the open area where the old cockpit was. i then used the ramp area that I saved and glued it over the new plastic to make a port cover. I believe this makes the area look more unique. lastly i gently popped off the turrets and turned them back wards so you can see the excellent round window in the hull.

The next stage will be stripping and repainting. To be continued...


  1. I admire the bright-eyed boldness of it. Why not? It's a very clean job too.

    It would be interesting to see the conversion-friendliness of GW games spill over into other well-known settings as more players move and the licences come and go. I like the idea of alternate reality variants of major worlds.

    Maybe it will flow back into 40K etc. too, for some weirder Althammer.

  2. A orkish millennium falcon conversion would be fun. :-)

  3. Looks a bit like the YT-2000 actually! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YT-2000_light_freighter

  4. "I always liked the Millennium falcon, but i never understood why the cockpit was on the side of the ship."

    Because Han Solo added missile launcher (mandibles) :)

    In fact you have reboot the original YT-1300, it's a great point to play "basic smugler" on Xwing-miniature !

  5. Are going to get the fantasy flight STAR WARS : Armada game miniatures or are they to small?

  6. I don't like the out of scale aspect. Also if you are newto gaming I recommend sticking to one system.

    1. I'm pretty confident the majority of people will play both systems, happily switching between the two as and when suits them. I just want more toys on the table to play with!! If it's a quick fighter game them we play X-Wing if it's a capital ship game then we play Armada. I was wondering about painting capital ships at that scale ? Ant thoughts?

  7. Wouldn't be too hard. Mostly grey shades then paint areas of "patched hull" in different shades and a thin wash of dark brown or black. Finally some engine glows and soot streaks.