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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dark Angels Belial Conversion

Today we will take a look at my Belial Master of the Dark Angels Death wing conversion. About a year and a half ago I built/shelved my Death wing army. Today I saw the new Belial figure. I just cant believe they went to all that work just for a figure that looks like its asking directions. Lets have a look at how you can make your own...


Parts list:
Terminator space marine captain (metal figure)
Terminator lightening claws (space marine assault terminators)
Storm shield arm (space marine assault terminators)
Thunder hammer arm (space marine assault terminators)
Dark angels power sword arm (Dark angels upgrade sprue)
Dark angels storm bolter arm (Dark angels upgrade sprue)
bits and pieces from the Darkangels upgrade sprue
Shoulder Pads (forge world)

The build
I started with the Space marine captain in terminator armour metal figure. I cut his arms down to a level where all my assorted arms could clear and still look good posed. then I drilled out the ends of the stumps with a drill bit that matched the size of my magnets. once drilled out I test fitted my magnets for polarity, and marked them with a pen. This last stage is very important. If you dont do the test fit and marking, you can end up with some arms resisting instead of attracting. Once finished, I CA glued all the magnets in place.

For the base I just happened to already have one built for another figure (one day ill go into detail on basing).

So with a minor bit of tweaking, a lot of re-posing and a whole bunch of fiddling around (this involves getting eye level with my table and going pew pew pew) I had my Belial.


I hope this helps you out, if you have any questions or comments, I'd be glad to answer you.
Have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.


  1. Very nice! I used the same mini as the basis for mine years ago and even filed his head down so he looked like he has a shaved head. I love the DA, but those new sculpts are so static. Oh well, at least the bits will be good for conversions - and that new speeder? Oh boy :( Though I do like that new flier.

  2. I think a lot can be done wth that flier.