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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ork Trukk - Rat Rod conversion part 1

I have never liked the newer(don't forget I started in the rogue trader days) Ork trukk model. To me it looks too awkward. what I mean by that is all Orky vehicles look awkward but they still have a flow or design that screams I belong to this army. The Ork trukk model never spoke to me. Then one day while googling Ork conversions I saw a beautiful low-rider chopped and rat rod masterpiece.
Knowing I can never replicate it, I still wanted to make my own. So this said, here is my version of the Orky Trukk Rat Rod. Better late than never(I made this a year ago).

Part one …The build

The first thing I did was put together the trukk cockpit section (I needed to start here because with out it I couldn't get my engine and frame spacing correct), this I did mostly to the instructions. I did trim down the fangs on the rear wall moved the doors to make the sides of the cockpit. I also cut down two Orks to fit as driver and gunner.

For the driver model I had to cut off a foot and remove the lower half of his seat so he could cram into the smaller area.

The gunner was a bit more complex. I needed to cut off his legs and re-glue them at a 45degree angle to make him look like he is sitting. Also I had to pare down his shoulder and tilt his neck so he could fit into the new cockpit.

Next I took the frame rail and flipped the suspension to get a proper low-rider height. Once I had my frame I could fit the cockpit I had made and cut out the floor to fit the new suspension and tire height. I then glued down a fuel tank and cut some hand rails down to fit(after all Orks have to ride back there).

Engines are easy to make for Orks (anything goes)and the kit has some very nice parts. I cut some exhausts down to fit and added a radiator and proper Ork glyph. The only real add-on not of kit origin is the engine headers stolen from a car model kit(I like that they will say ford on them).

lastly I found some corrugated plastic from evergreen I have laying around and made the rod a proper roof.

Now the only thing missing is the hula doll on the dash. 

Well that's it for now , hope you get something from this and till next time have fun and ill see you in the 4x8 arena.