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Sunday, August 24, 2014

-][-Inquisiton henchmen units -][- Part 2

Seeing as how Games Workshop refuses to answer my repeated, numerous, stalker-ish request for Squats. I have decided for now I will build and work on my Inquisition/Sororitas. Today we will be talking about...

Inquisition henchmen units

The old Inquisition and witch hunter figures are about as outdated and soft edged figures as you could find.  luckily, the designers at games workshop have come up with some amazing new figures the Militarium Tempestus Scions.
From this one box set you can make many different acolytes, you can make an Inquisitor and you can even use the spare heads for other figures(as you will see).

=I Warrior Acolytes I=
Use Militarium Tempestus Scions, they are perfect for the job.

=I Crusaders I=
For my crusaders I used a box of greyknights and left off the shoulderpads. I cut off the storm bolters at the angle I wanted the storm shield to be. I took some card stock plastic(from evergreen) and made a shield shape. Next I used it to make 3 more. The shields were added to some boiling water and then formed over a broom handle to get the curve in the storm shield. Lastly I removed the exhausts on the back pack and added a small length of tube and some solder line then positioned the shield.

=I  Jokaero weapon smiths  I=
So, seriously why and what were they thinking on this figure? I love the rules but the figure for the Jokaero weaponsmith looks like someone got drunk and lost a bet. luckily The good folks over at dust tactics have made our figure saviors for us. Just get a few (12$ for 3 figures) blutzkruze apes.

=I Deathcult Assassins I=
The deathcult assassin has a nice but dated model. This said, I refuse to pay 70$ for 6 figures. Dark Eldar wytches fill the bill perfectly. Id swear the Wytches were shopping for armour at the same place as the assassins. All I did was remove any pointy wing parts and added some daggers to the gun hands. Lastly I used the spare heads from the Tempestus scions and done...Deathcult Assassins.

In part 3 I will cover the priests, psykers, deamon hosts and *sigh* mystics. I hope this helps you and saves you some cash.

Till next time have fun and see you in the 4x8 arena.

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