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Saturday, September 8, 2012

CSM - Conversions

This week Has been Super Awesome for us Chaos Lovers. I did some trading and now have three sets of Dark Vengeance 6th edition figures. Now, for most Gamers it's just build out of the box. That said, for some reason Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marine players tend to be a different breed.
give us figures and we make them "Our Figures". Conversions seems to be the norm, and that is just fine with me.
For the Chaos Space Marine (CSM) Dreadnought, all I did was remove half of the front panel (the part with the horns). I then added a new, more Nurgle face from a CSM sprue. Lastly I added two Auto cannon barrels made from metal tubing. I like to use the tubing whenever I can, so I dont have to worry about seam lines.

Dark Vengeance has given us probably the best CSM Lord ever made. He needed wings to make him more "Fieldable". To make the wings I used a set from my Dark Eldar Scourges(these guys tend to give up a lot of parts, lol). Then I trimmed down some spots on the lords backpack and just glued them on.
For The Chaos Space Marine Havocs I used mostly normal space marine parts. but once I got to the gun mounting I used Imperial Guard heavy weapon teams Auto cannons. If you Cut off the stand and slightly thin the area at the back, the CSM bolter holding had will fit. then for the other hand All you have to do is cut off the hand part and glue it straight on to the back of the auto cannon. I found this gave a good melded look like the CSM's hand is in the gun itself. lastly, I shortened the gun back to the base of the barrel and then cut off the muzzle brake flipped it over and glues it straight to the end of the shortened barrel. All you have left is to drill out the end.
That's all for now. As usual any comment or questions are welcome. Have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.


  1. May I ask where you get the metal tubing from and the sizes you use? Fantastic conversion!

  2. Most hobby stores carry the tubing, but the stuff I used is from a chicago company called k&s. The size is 1/8 x .014. I buy the off cut mix packs, they have almost any size you need. that is where I got the muzzle pieces.