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Sunday, March 31, 2013

X-wing - Millennium falcon redesign part 2

Now for the final step in the Millennium falcon re-build and re-paint. The Stripping and painting...

I started with a large tub, some Windsor & newton brush cleaner and an old brush. I wear rubber gloves and soak the ship, then gently scrub the ship with an old dollar store brush. with patience you can get most of the old paint. you may want to rinse the ship off to wash with water, don't. It will make it all sticky just keep scrubbing till you are happy with the way it looks. then let the ship dry completely(you may want to use hair drier to speed this up, just be careful with the heat).

After a thin prime with Tamiya grey primer, I started to tape off my blue and red areas. I choose to hand paint the details because i didn't feel like breaking out the airbrush. The blue areas are Game color blue magic, the reds are GW blood red. The dark spots are GW astronomican grey and the light space wolves grey. The windows are painted in gloss black. The 'Pits' were mixed black and water 50/50 to shade them. Finally i picked out small areas with saddle brown. For the wash i used badab black ink and GW medium in a 50/50 mix and added a tiny amount of sepia, then washed the whole project. lastly i added some black streaks to the exhausts, and blended turquoise to white for the engine glow.

My other Falcon also need an engine glow
That's it for Chewbacca's Ship, hope you like it and/or it inspires you to do something new. have fun and may the force be with you.....danuh danuh.. dut dut da da dahhh.....(supposed to be the theme to Star wars.)


  1. Yes again. It's true to the spirit but an update too, and to be honest, there could be multiple variants of the ship in-universe, especially after the Rebellion succeeds and Han becomes a hero.

    Again, I admire the audacity. Hopefully it does inspire.

  2. Can u make me one??? My email is snakeshadow@sbcglobal.net...

  3. Can u make me one??? My email is snakeshadow@sbcglobal.net...

  4. Sorry I'm put of the game, also I sold that one. You can do it with very little effort. Don't strip the paint it's a lot less work.