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Friday, March 15, 2013

X-wing models - wave 2

I finally got around to picking up my Star Wars X-wing wave 2 models. Man o man I am not disappointed...

The Tie/IN (Tiefighter Interceptor)was my favorite fighter to play in the videogame,
and now I have an awesome figure for the table top. the figure is very accurate and well represented in plastic. The paint is about as good as I've seen for pre-painted figures. I'm really looking forward to adding the red stripes of the 181st.

The rebel A-wing fighter is also just as well represented, and I found some variation in the paint job(a nice bonus).

The bounty hunter Boba Fetts ship is an interesting model. I like the engine detail and the paint is OK but I'd like to add few touches of my own.

Now the best for last, The Aluminum Falcon (Aherm, I mean) Millennium Falcon. This is one of the most iconic Space ships in sci-fi, and now you have a Great representation to go pew pew with. The sculpt is very accurate for its size and the paint is OK, but like the Slave 1, it needs some minor touch ups. I'll be adding an engine glow and some colour(in my next article).

That's it for now, may the force be with you...always.

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