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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Imperial Guard Allies Part One

This week I've been working on my Allied Imperial Guard army. I say allied because I want to be able to use this force with any other army (from Chaos to Marines) according to the new 6th edition allies rules. So I wanted to make them stand out but also be fully recognizable for what they are on the table.

Shock troops from Wargames Factory provided just the coolness needed to make my force look unique. The Box has lots of options for your figures. I went with the Hellghast style heads and the greatcoats. I then added the traditional equipment and weapons. Next was the arms and feet from the regular Imperial sets. For the Psyker I added the mechanical arm and laspistol from the Imperial guard HQ set. I cut out the face from the figure and replaced it with a 'Hellghast face', This is only viable due to the softness of the Finecast for all you haters out there. So they come to around 20$ for an awesome upgrade set for your force, and you still have tons of bits for other stuff when you are done.

This force is made up of all the elements I like best in the Guard Codex, their heavy support options. With this list I can support any other army. I dont like the HQ options, but I am forced to take one so I went with the Psyker Primaris. The Psyker is a good way to bring the new Psyker rules into your army. For the troop choice I'm stuck due to no good force choice, but veterans are ok for the small points cost, and you can add a demo-charge. Fast attack was a no brainer, and the Vendetta is a model I've been wanting for quite awhile. You can have 3 for the one available force slot (Try that Marines!). For the heavy a Leman Russ squad is what I've taken Imperial Guard for, they have almost any configuration you could want and pack a big hammer and lots of pie plates. you can also take three. I didn't put the side sponsons on the Russes. I dont suspect they will survive long enough to pay for themselves, due to the new vehical rules. Next i have to paint the whole force.

Thats it for now, as per usual any questions or comments are always welcome.
Have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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