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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Robotech RPG Tactics - Preview Images

I recently received some amazing Robotech RPG pictures and some game news from a friend of mine, so i had to share them.

My friend and fellow blogger Desmand King  was recently at the Toronto's Anime North con and got me some great pictures. He also had time to get in a few games, and asked a few questions at the Kevin siembieda panel. Looks like the game is set for a public release either September or November. the game is also getting a a lot of rules rewritten and seems to currently be in flux. as an example a lot of stats and rules from the demo video have been changed. I'll leave you with some of the pictures Desmand took. A lot more images to come.

For more of Desmand's work check him out on http://plus10damage.com/desmand/

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