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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A matter of balance and an idea.

Lately it seems , my every minute is accounted for. Between home renos, starting a family and gaming, my world is busy, busy and busy. Does this mean I should stop one or the other? No. I just have to slow them down untill I can catch up or find my balance.

Some updates....

The little petition that could.

The change.org petition has finally slowed down, last I checked it was at about 9700 something. Many people are saying that this petition is stupid or useless and no one at GW will pay attention to it, but I also noticed the same people agree with some of the points. Does this mean that it's useless to try and enact change in something you love? no matter what happens 9700 customers of games workshop have said 'we want things different' hopefully this will at least see a boardroom somewhere.

Sign the petition here.

Warzone Resurrection.

Prodos games has one of the best figure making systems I have seen. Although the figures are in resin they still clean up and go together beautifully. There's nothing I found, that I can really complain about witj these figures. The game rules on the other hand have a few rough edges even after many years of this game being around. I don't think that's a reason to not play this game though. The minor things that I find wrong, like very round dice and a table full of miniatures probably not a good plan. Or cards that the type is so small it's almost unreadable. But as usual the artwork, world background, and game itself are very nice. I need to take my time and give my Imperial figures the love they deserve.

Last but not least.

I'm at the age where I've seen almost everything in the gaming industry. I've seen the things I've liked. I've seen the things I have hated and I think it's time that I actually threw my hat in the ring and made my own game. I'm coming at this with with 30 years of gaming experience and backgrounds in print and design and systems analysis. I know writers, 3d designers, and 3d printers...
So lets see what happens.

Till next time have fun and see you in the 4x8 arena.

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