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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spectral Hounds - the lost 11th space marine legion

Shoulder Marking for my legion the Spectral Hounds
Why are all marines male? this is the question I asked myself. I've been reading all the posts I could find and couldn't come up with a decent reason. So I did something about it...

I went to puppets war and purchased their wolf shoulders, then I went looking for female heads in heroic scale. Statuesque Miniatures has this covered. For the bodies I went out and bought Betrayal at Calth I figured all the lost marines should be in older Mk.iv armor. this is the result of the test figure:

Story of the 11th legion - The Spectral Hounds:

When the emperor finally found the Primarch of the 11th legion he had a bit of a problem. She wasn't happy to be found. It had taken way longer than the rest of the primarchs not because she was far away hidden on some dammed planet of fire or stalking the guilty on some backwater planet. The reason was very simple, she was a blank. Blanks are like the opposite of Psykers instead of generating powers of the mind they absorb them like a bubble of psychic blackness. The emperor had known Lilith Cassius may be a woman due to 3/4 of the marines created from her genetic material  becoming female.  what he wasn't ready for was her answer, "No". She told the emperor to go stuff his crusade. After many attempts to cajole her and even an attempt at force, he finally tried reason. Lilith still refused. After too many attempts and too much bloodshed, they finally came to an accord. She would stay out of his way and he would purge her from the imperial record. His only parting gift to his daughter was any of her progeny that wanted to go with their primarch could stay with her and the rest were folded into the existing legions. Some believe that the warp storm that obscured her planet was too convenient as it started soon after the departure of the emperor. After 10,000 years the storm has finally abated, now free will the galaxy be ready for her legions wrath.

Exactly my point.
Ill try to keep you updated as i assemble more figures. till next time, have fun and see you in the 4x8 arena.

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