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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ork Fighta Bommer Build (part 1)

So I decided to add the new Ork Bommer to my Ork army. From what I've read the internet is 30/70 split on good/bad. personally I'm not looking for a win button here I just want a good force with lots of character. The dakka jet has character in spades.

The base

The base was fairly straight forward. I've done a few of these before so I know what to be careful of. I always start by finding center then marking the base so I can place the stand easier. After a little bit of 'cyano' (krazy glue) , I hit the base with zipkicker to bond it fast but also to keep the glue from clouding the clear stand.

The hull

The hull on this kit went together super easy. there was an issue with the drag chain, I had to pop it in but my Tamiya cement hadn't set up yet so problem solved. I decided to leave the cockpit and louvers off just in case i wanted to change up the look at the last minute. Also i attached the tail at this point. The kit reminds me of a MIG 15 so went with a high rudder and stabilizer configuration (T style).

The wings

This is the stage where I started to get a bit off the instructions. The wings go together in three parts so you can do one of three styles. this allows for many configurations. I decide to go with my own and after a ton of test fitting I went with a downward sweep to make it look like a hybrid MIG/Phantom. 

To do the down sweep I had to flip the second stage(or elbow) of the wing root. this posed a bit of a problem due to the big bomb placement holes. to get past this I cut 2 pieces of plastic card and bent them over my triangular file so they had the same 'v' slant as the wing elbow. I then glues it in place and drilled a few spots so to looked like the Mek forgot some bolts. then I cut some thin styrene rod into bolt heads with a razor blade. This worked in my favor, as it looks like the panes that they store the ammo for the supa shootas (like a ww2 fighter).

Weapon load out

For the weapons I decided to go with 2 out of the three configurations available. This seamed to me to be less ambitions for my first build of the kit. fire always fun but already have tons of anti infantry in my ork force so I went with the dakkajet/Blitza-bommer. This will add some much needed low to medium level anti-armor to the 'Deff Rolla Disco'. 

The dakka setup was rather simple. all I did was drill out the 3 sets of guns the kit comes with. As for the Blitza-bommer, almost as easy. I drilled out and magnetized the two big bomb receptors in the base of the main wing then I cut down the bombs 'clips' and magnetized them. I had to add some plastic strip to one of the bombs because I got carried away and cut off to much of the clip.

To me this is an almost perfect kit, and my hat goes off to the games workshop designers. This kit is well thought out. I could find no bad seams or sprue cut off placement. It has beautiful details and an almost unlimited configurations. if you are like me and need each piece to have its own look this is the kit for you.

This is also a very solid kit it will take some abuse on the table. i highly recommend this model even if you just build it and 'shelf it' its a fun build. For those of you who like to go whhhooosh and dakkadakka like me, go to town, its your berfday.

Stay tuned For part 2 of this article, the painting phase.

As always, if you have questions or comments I'll be glad to answer them.

Enjoy, and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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