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Monday, September 22, 2014

=][= Inquisition Imperial Knight =][= - part 4

For the last installment of our Inquisition force, we have the mandatory Imperial Knight. I decided why wouldn't an Inquisitor use all tools available to them. So, I give you, lord Knight Inquisitor Atreides.....

The Imperial knight kit is one of the nicest kits GW has made, ever.  That is saying a lot. This kit has no bad mould lines no bad injection points. all around this is a winner, and it doesn't hurt that it looks great and rocks the table top for rules. It is easy to see why so many are added to peoples army lists.


My concept for the Lord Knight Inquisitor is simple, "By any means available". By the time an Inquisition investigation force would be taking the field in any large number, things have gotten serious. When things get bad who would you call if you were an Imperial Inquisitor? that's right, the heavy guns. Now its not much of a leap to requisition your own if you need it all the time, also why wouldn't Imperial Knight worlds not need an Inquisitor. Lastly I want to use it with most of my 40k forces, so it makes more sense that he/she is an Inquisitor.

The build

Most of the kit is out of the box build. I added some small inquisitor bits I had left over from other projects. The only big change is the left arm. Giant chainsaws are cool, but they just don't scream Inquisition to me. To make it more ...smitey?(that's not a word but...), I took my inspiration from Lord Inquisitor Coteaz's hammer. What self respecting Inquisitor would be caught dead without one.

To make the hammer I used plastic stock and bits I had laying around. I started with a black plastic tube that came with my dogs poop bags. I then filled it with plastic rod sections of two sizes. I used the two sizes because the 4 pieces didn't fill the  tube on their own. Then I cut a piece of thick stock and rounded off one side and cut an angle on the other to make the joint to the original kit elbow. Then I added a small "I" symbol from a grey knight shoulder pad. Then i glued the whole joint assembly to the poop bag roll.

For the hammer head I used 4 pieces of thick square stock and glued them together( I wanted the hammer head to be about the size of a marine). Then I added some tick flat card to the top and bottom to elongate the head. Then I took some thin flat bar stock and made the inquisitor symbols on the front and back facing just by glueing strips and trimming them to make an "I". lastly I added some home made hex bolts to the top and bottom. To make these, just use hex rod and slice off thin pieces with a razor blade. I do this for almost all my rivet projects. palstistruct has an excellent selection and you can find them at most model railroad shops. I made a ram to the original elbow joint and  added some spare hoses I didn't use when building the kit. Lastly I  added the Mechanicum symbol to the butt of the hammer handle.

With some paint and some decals i'll have an excellent tabletop piece that can be used in any Imperial army.


Knight Paladin 4   4   10   13   12   12   4   3   6hp  375pts

UNIT TYPE: Vehicle (Super-heavy Walker).

WARGEAR: Two heavy stubbers, rapid-fire battle cannon, reaper chainsword(Hammer), ion shield

Heavy stubber    36"     4    6    heavy 3
Rapid fire battle cannon  72"   8    3    ordinance 2, large blast
Reaper chainsword (Hammer)  -    d   2    melee

Ion Shield: When an Imperial Knight is deployed, and subsequently at the start of each of the opposing side’s Shooting phases before any attacks are carried out, the Imperial Knight player must declare which facing each Imperial Knight’s ion shield is covering. The choices are: front, left side, right side or rear. The Knight has a 4+ invulnerable save against all hits on that facing until the start of your opponent’s next Shooting phase. Ion shields are repositioned before any attacks are carried out in the Shooting phase. Ion shields may not be used to make saving throws against close combat attacks.

SPECIAL RULES: Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Invincible Behemoth, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, Strikedown


I may still get around to dedicated transports but those don't need any real mods to make them work on the table.

That's it for now. Till next time, have fun and see you in the 4x8 arena.


  1. It looks awesome! "dogs poop bags"??? Brilliant!

  2. Looks fantastic! The bits are definitely adding to him. What color scheme are you going with?

  3. I'm thinking purple and steel. So I can also use it with my genestealer cult WIP.

  4. I have a ton of those black "poop bag" tubes. I am using them for Stormboyz jet packs and various shooty things. Love the hammer. Nice touch.