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Monday, October 13, 2014

Warzone Resurrection - Imperial Starter

The old
Back in the 90’s an excellent artist named Paul Bonner left 40k and moved to a new  game called Mutant Chronicles. Paul Bonners exodus peaked my curiosity. Following the success of the RPG a table top game called Warzone was released and I played it for a time. Warzone lasted for a few years before disappearing. So to my surprise and delight a kickstarter was created and very successfully followed through on. I've had a poor experience with kickstarter, but in my hand is proof that it can work.
The next few articles will be focused on the build and the paint of the imperial faction starter box.

The new
The gaming system involves both miniatures and cards. The miniatures are your skirmish force and the cards represent game resources, additional wargear, global and local effects on the battlefield. The game is alternating squad activations and initiative is rolled per turn. everything is done on a d20 system.

The build
These figures are probably the best figures ive ever seen. All I had to do was clip and glue the parts together, that's it! you can see in the following photos I didn't do any cleaning so you can see what you are dealing with. As far as sculpts go, these are so close to the original art its scary. I love that they kept the art style but improved on the proportions. In the starter is a good 500pts a perfect number to start off with.

The Imperial starter includes:
1 greyhound
1 NCO with banner
1 NCO with chain ripper
2x 5 Man Trencher squad with HMG
1 deck of 75 game cards
2x d20 black

Tune in next article, I will be painting them to tabletop standards(no crappy over airbrushed stuff here) to show how to get your figures on the table fast but with some quality.

Till next time, have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena. 


  1. I think the basic guys are a bit too over the top, but man other than that they look brilliant! I look forward to seeing what you do with them!