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Friday, June 17, 2016

Taurox Prime - final construction & magnetized

I must admit this Tempestus Scion Taurox Prime Project has been fun. This kit really lends itself to manipulation. I decided to see if I could get all variants out of the box in one kit. my secret weapon ...Magnets/Plasticard.

After a lot of  trying things out I managed to figure out a setup that looked cool and was easy for folks to replicate(myself included).

 first off glue the two rocket halves together, cut out a blank to be used a base to cover the holes in the rocket pod. Cut the back of the rocket stand at an angle and make sure this part is straight and smooth. at this point it is best if you drill any magnet holes in the bottom of the stand now(i forgot to and had to go back and carefully drill out my holes). 

Glue the stand to the pod near the back edge. while that is drying measure and cut a piece of tube at the matching angle to the support strut glue it in place then dry fit the whole thing to taurox back and at this point you should still have some play time with the glue so make things straight.

next glue away or magnetize and voila one rocket rack that will not hit the back of the turret when fired.

Tips for Magnets:

magnetizing is simple...no really it is. My trick is to drill the holes that you need to the depth you need remember to test fit as many times as necessary. then I put crazy glue in one sides hole then place two magnets in the hole so one is sticking out obviously. Then place glue in the other parts hole, and then bring both parts that you want, together. Now the real trick, slide the two pieces apart, side to side don't pull it away, then squish the magnets in tight. To get the polarity of the next gun or thing right, just place another magnet on the first piece and repeat. You cant go wrong and get stuff reversed this way.

Hope this helped, remember have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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  1. The rocket setup looks awesome. Reminds me of the WW2 russian rocket trucks!