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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dwarves of fire canyon - Chaos Dwarfs Review

(this awesome image is by artist Mikhail Savier)

I had been looking for Chaos Dwarfs since I started playing Age of Sigmar. Once I started looking around I found out there was no longer a regular GW plastic version(yes its been that long since i played fantasy). There is the forgeworld option but i'm not into bland troops for too much money... that's when I found a company called Russian Alternative. 

Russian alternative sounds rather simple but don't let the name fool you they produce some of the best looking figures on the market. Oh did i mention you can buy 10 figures for 19$! I found the figures i wanted then went to purchase them but couldn't find a way to. It ends up the company only uses an ebay store, sounds strange but it makes sense from a business point of view. I ordered a test batch to see the in hand quality and was very happy so i went all out and purchased all i would need for my army. today we will be reviewing those figures.

The dwarfs of fire canyon

The figures arrived surprisingly fast 2 weeks to come all the way from russia. They arrived in a plain pillow envelope and each set of figures comes in its own cute little box. 

All the figure sets are packaged similar to one another, small white folding box with lots of foam and a nice intro card from the owner.

lets start with  the Berzerker of fire canyon. this figure doesn't really fit into the games workshop/forgeworld rules but it was neat so i had to have him in the collection. the figures are all the very well detailed and in scale with the gw "28mm scale". my only real gripe for this figure is the square base, but that's really not a big deal. honestly i alway thought no flash or mold lines with this level of detail was impossible for a small studio, but i'm happy to be wrong.

Next up we have Dwarf of fire canyon #2 or in Age of Sigmar a Daemonsmith. As i opened these figures i found almost no flash or mold lines and as you can see they all have a consistent look and feel like a cohesive force. I'm also rather impressed how the designer kept some elements of the 90s figures but with a unique flare for the exaggerated. 

This figure is called Dwarf of fire canyon #2 , but im going to use it as my Infernal Guard Castellan

this one had some slight bubbling on the soles of his feet but those will be hidden when i base it. it also comes with a nice array of arms and armaments.

This set is a 10 figure set called Dwarfs of fire canyon with great weapons(i know surprise!) i will be using these for Infernal Guard Ironsworn they ar not exactly a match to the gw rules but my group doesn't care and if you want exact matches go check out the set with hand weapons and shields the are exactly a match for AOS. I just love the size of the great weapons but if you don't they make the same set with smaller weapons for those of you who don't like fun.

im planning on doing a slayer heavy regular dwarf force so i grabbed a set of the Berserkers of fire canyon unit....strange name but ,,,russia. the posing and sculpts are way above and beyond the fossils GW is still flogging.

BTW if you want the a standard bearer they make 2 and if you want fire glaives they make those too but this is just what i ordered this time if i get around to it ill review the regular ones.

- great sculpts
- good poses
- very Chaos dwarfy
- very little flash or flaws
- lots of selection to make your liegion of azgoroth army

- no direct sales just ebay store
- no war machines yet
- no bull centaurs
- need to ship with round base options

Conclusion - hell yeah!(i know not really very sciency)

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