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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sisters of Battle Character Building

I've been wanting to make a Sisters of Battle army, forever. With 6th edition they seem to be more competative, especially with the new allies rules. We will start this series with sisters characters.
I have to say I've had good experiences with the GW mail order services. All the figures I ordered were in great shape and a good mix of the few poses available. I will warn you to order extra regular sisters packs, as every one had the figure that is sucking a grenade. 

 Pinning a figure like this is well worth the time it takes. To do this you will need a pin vise and some wire. Just drill both sides of your join to a safe depth. Cut a length of wire to match and glue the parts together with Cyano(krazy glue). 

The regular jump pack setup for Saint Celestine is huge, heavy and a massive pain. All the art for her seems to portray her with wings, so one of my Dark Eldar Scourges donated a pair. 

To make the wings look more a part of her I used 2 part epoxysculpt to make the "shoulder hump". 

You can see the original looks like two mutant babies holding up hotel curtains. 

For Uriah Jacobus all I had to do was remove the ork backpack. A friend called it the fanny pack of doom. 

Once finished, I am much happier with the changes. I think they make them both look way cleaner.

Well that's it for now. Ill be painting them this weekend. As always questions and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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