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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sisters of battle - Seraphim

Sister Mary Katherine's school for wayward girls

Over the weekend I started on my Sisters of battle army (starting with two squads of Seraphim). I call it Sister Mary Katherine's school for wayward girls.

I decided on a grey and red scheme I think it looks very imperial, and is easy to paint. for the hair I went with a selection of hair colours. The all white style is ok, but looks kind of boring. 

The bases of the Seraphim are probably the dumbest setup I've seen from GW. To fix them and give them some stability I went with the rock hover look. After reading the Sanctuary 101 story from James Swallow I had to give them desert bases. I will be covering how I made the bases latter this week(before the weekend I promise).


Well that's it for now, as per usual any questions or comments are welcome.
Have fun and se you soon in the 4x8 arena

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