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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dust warfare - Winter child!!!!!!

I just found the most dynamic and amazing figure I've ever seen, and it comes from a game i love. Now i just need to decide if i use the helmeted head or the Cosmonaut head on Winter child ...

Here's the official info on Dust warfares....Winter Child

For years, Earth’s major powers have been working on different ways to create superhuman soldiers. Many of these research programs began long before the war, but
they received considerably more funding when it began. The SSU were years late in the discovery and practical applications of VK, but while the Axis were creating the first combat walkers, the SSU spent their time working on ways to create superhumans by enhancing the powers of the mind.

At length, their trials bore fruit, but the SSU were unable to duplicate their results. Thus, Colonel Ivan Vasiliev, the first SSU superhuman, remains a hero apart from the rest of humanity. In his magnificently crafted battle armor, Colonel Vasiliev, also known as “Winter Child,” towers above those around him, but few of them expect that their fantastic hero wears such armor not to protect himself, but to protect them from the inhuman energy he constantly radiates.

Hey Fantasy flight, *high five*.

This is my only project till he is painted.

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