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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Super Dungeon Explorer - Build pt1

Lately I've been following (and grown tired of) all the Facebook, spot the space marine and just plain poor offerings from GW.  So I went looking for another game worth my time and efforts....

After a lot of internet research and friend pestering, I found Super dungeon explorer from Sodapop miniatures. This game really surprised me. With its Chibi miniatures and simple rules, i wasn't really  expecting much. But don't let that Anime box art fool you. This game is worth your time. 
As far as rules go they are really simple to learn but super intense and scalable. for now ill just stay with building the game figures and leave the reviews to people with way more experience playing it.

After opening the box, I almost cried. the box contained a giant pile of bags with parts. A bit of  fitting and inspection, and i was surprised, very small seams and no flash. This is a rarity in my experience. I took a figure and started to try out different glues, none worked but cyano. while not being the end of the world, its not my favorite glue to work with. This looks like it may take a bit of time, so ill be back with part 2 later this week.


That's it for now, have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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