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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dust's Winter Child - Painted

Winter Child is probably the best figure I've seen in a long time i couldn't wait to start the painting...

As all figures from dust tactics, he came in a green primer. All the dust tactics/warfare figures are made from a soft plastic but they still have nice details and they are just getting better with each release. You can also drop them from a helicopter and they will just bounce.

The painting

I started with chaos black primer. Then i did many dry brushes of dwarven bronze. When dry brushing any metallic other than gun metal or silver you have to do thin coats if you prime in black. Some people swear by a brown under coat for any of the bronze copper or gold metallics. I prefer the patina you get from black undercoat. over this i heavily washed devlan mud. (Hey, GW, start making devlan mud again!!)

For the face i used  model colors medium flesh as a base. Next i added the black moustache and a layer of reikland fleshshade, and for the final stage i added model colors dark flesh. Last i used model colors basalt grey to highlight the moustache.
I painted all the cloth areas in castellan green with camo green highlights.

The star is based in scab red then mid toned with blood red and finally highlighted with blazing orange and blood red mix.

The power field of the hand is painted in kantor blue, then wet mixed with hawk turquoise, then worked up to white.

Finally i picked out some areas with boltgun and washed them with black wash to keep the tone even with the bronze.

That is it for now. have fun and see you soon in the 4x8 arena.

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